Assumptions Misplaced

Remember sweet Baby Y that I told you about  here and here.      Well, she is just thriving!  She is 13 lbs and smiling like crazy.  If you had seen her before and compared her to now, you would not even know she is the same baby.     Praise God for the House of Hope and the ministry there...

Yesterday, a piece was added to Y's puzzle that made me cry, cheer, sigh and stand amazed.    Standing in the dining room at the House of Hope, admiring a beautiful paint job on the boys' hallway, someone yelled 'Y's daddy is here.'   Really??  What??

Looking across the playground I asked which one to which came the reply 'the one in the pink shirt.'   The pink shirt?  ... the one that said 'Weekday Program - FUMC Plano'?  ...  the one from the church I grew up in ... the one this Miskito man was wearing???    What a shock?   And, how on earth did he get that shirt??

As we placed Y into his arms, he smiled a beautiful smile of thanksgiving.  He surveyed her and said 'muy bien' - very good.     He held her in his very strong arms and he was the picture of every father.   I couldn't believe it.   You see, in my mind's eye, he was a bad guy - a man that had too many kids and couldn't provide for them...  yes, I wanted to judge him without ever having laid eyes on him.

Next to Y's father sat 2 tiny toddlers;  2 of her brothers.   One looked severely malnourished.  I found out his name and that he was 2 years old.   He is a recipient of food in the rice program at the House of Hope.    It came time to weigh that little guy... 17 lbs... only 17 lbs at 2 years of age.   Y's brother.

I found out the general area where they live for our next food delivery.   I ran to get Alex so that he could witness this moment.   I decided, then and there,  that lives are too complicated to paint in blacks and whites... and I observed so much gray yesterday that it makes my head spin.

God help us when our assumptions race ahead of the truth.   God help me that I envisioned the absolute worst about this family, instead of Your best.   Praise You that You don't give up on my faulty assumptions;  but You bring a pink shirt and a smiling father and a baby we love together to teach a stubborn heart one of Your beautiful truths.  

Another day...


Holly (me.) said…
Hugs to you. Love the updates that shed a little more light on a Day in the Life.
Holly (me.) said…
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