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Same Bridge... Deeply-Changed Family

2010 - Waits Family - Aidan (10), Arlee (7), Adam (4) & Aaron (3)

I haven't seen this photo in 8 years.    My aging brain jumps into memory mode and I remember...
It is 2010.  I am fresh from the US...  plucked out of my comfortable soil and roughly planted in temporary soil of La Ceiba, Honduras for language school.     The language comes slowly. everything seems challenging and unknown.    
My babies... 4 of them taking this new journey on with nervous excitement.    My husband, strong for the task, encouraging us all to look for what awaits and always in need of God's grace and mercy.
We live with a beautiful Honduran couple... limited privacy, hot to redefine my concept of hot,  new foods, stubborn stomachs,  studying and practicing.
We take a weekend to head up into the mountains.   Rio Cangrejal.  God's barely-touched beauty before our eyes.   
A photo is snapped.
We proceed up the mountain.  Within 30 minutes, the babies tire and we head back down, not reaching …

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