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When Dreaming Requires a Dare...

... the dreams of a few of our 9th grade young men...

DARE ... to have sufficient courage

What do you think of when you hear the phrase 'Dare to Dream?'   
Do you really think that the very act of dreaming is something that would require 'sufficient courage?'
I, Laura, dreamed easily, and mostly, still do.   I was raised in fertile soil where dreams grow.  
Do you know that there are MANY young people for whom dreaming is absolutely an act of courage?   
Imagine you are geographically isolated.  Literally, you have limited land access to larger cities due to a variety of corrupt political practices.    A road needed to be built 30 years ago and there was aid to be had... and yet, why use that money to connect an entire people group when it is easier to just leave them to themselves?
Imagine you have few examples of dreamers.   Literally, your mom left school in 2nd grade to work on the farm and had you when she was 15 or 16.    She knows not how to encourage you o…

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