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6,608 Days Together

This morning we celebrated 6,608 days together.

I wept a bit.  Honestly, I sobbed.

I thanked God from the depth of me. 

I laughed at your antics and your crazy.

I remembered you standing at the IVA gate every morning, free hugs and a fist pump for every, single student.

I sent out a few texts to friends asking for prayer.  Truthfully, I begged.

I cackled at your hack of my autocorrect so that every time I typed 'I', it corrected to 'Ozzy' and 'you' to 'dolphin butts'

I watched a video about what you will face the next 3 weeks in Indoc and I knew my little Greek Olympian would cross the finish line.

I relived the moment your Dad told me, 'It's a Boy!' and my heart sent pieces of itself to live in another person.

I touched the beautiful memory box full of letters from your Miskito friends.  The ones who could write... and the ones who simply couldn't...

I counted the times you have shared your story... assuring the doubters that your tee…

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