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Living Decompressed

decompress verb de·com·press \ˌdē-kəm-ˈpres\
Definition of decompress transitive verb : to release from pressure or compression : to convert (something, such as a compressed file or signal) to an expanded or original size intransitive verb
: to undergo release from pressure; especially: relax
need a week off to decompress
The word decompress implies a compression... a making smaller, a forcing of something to fit into a size or shape outside of its design.    The compression, the packing in, the forced maneuvering, the crumpling, squeezing and wringing.

Life compresses us all.    Job, environment, stress-level, trauma, family dynamics and many other factors, contribute to the extent of our compression.   

Life in a cross-cultural setting compresses.   The minute-by-minute cultural challenge, the potential communication breakdown,  the expectations and the heartbreaks... each of these shapes us, possibly into a form we

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