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The Baton Pass

To live within our limits is to live humbly as the creature and not the Creator.  Only God is infinite; the rest of us need to be very clear about what we are to be about in any given moment and say no to everything else. - Ruth Haley Barton Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership
Over the past year, I have spent many hours participating in a coaching program for ministries and ministry leaders. This program, by Ministry Ventures, has given me a larger, more expansive perspective on ministry. It has given me freedom to identify my gifts and to look within the body of Christ for others, whom God has already chosen, to hold my hand and make a complete ministry team for God's glory. Me, myself and I simply do not have all that it takes to coordinate, direct, run, manage, lead, this crazy train. 

One key piece of this year's gold mine ... God places us in strategic positions for seasons, not for eternities. Our egos would love to believe that we are indispensable. Yet, it is mu…

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