The Long Arm of the United States in Honduras

If you've heard the news today, you know that the ousted former President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, has somehow made his way back into Honduras and is taking refuge in the Brazilian embassy. His supporters are worked into a frenzy. See also The Honduras Mess in today's Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, the interim President continues to move forward with democratic elections in November. Mind you, this interim gentleman is not running in November.

Why did our country intervene this summer and support the ousted Zelaya who wanted to rewrite the Honduran constitution to allow his term to be extended? Why did we withdraw aid to this country to pressure these people into capitulating to the desires of Venezuela, Nicaraguan and guerillas in El Salvador? Why?

Remember my post on Project Honduras? Project Honduras is a conference which brings missionaries, aid organizations, etc. together to coordinate humanitarian projects. The conference begins day after tomorrow ... in the midst of this instability.

Please pray for this conference. Please pray for a peaceful resolution to the political situation. Please pray for the people of Honduras who are impacted by our withdrawal of aid. Please pray for the future of the children of Honduras. Please pray for my new friend, Tara, who is attending the Project Honduras conference. And please pray for Alex and me as we prepare for a trip to Honduras in early November.


Charlie said…
Laura,I feel that I have been so out of the loop these last few months. Our computer was in the shop for almost 3 weeks, and well is sucking the life out of me as I struggle to work 50-60+ hrs per week. Is Honduras "your" country of choice? Praying for you guys already....Liz

ps-we lost all of our email addresses in our computer crash, so if you could send me one, I can add you back in again!
this whole situation saddens, scares and angers me! I will be praying!

I'm totally jealous you get to go to Honduras soon. I'll pray for that trip.

May He be glorified,
Have you seen this??!

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