For the better part of my life, Honduras was simply a tiny Central American country that I named on maps for a test or the like and then promptly forgot. In July, I read this post about Honduras on a blog I read, Grateful for Grace. Alex and I began to pray for this tiny country and their freedom to choose their own leader ... Shortly thereafter, we began communication with the Board of an orphanage in Honduras, Mama Tara's. This orphanage has become a burden on our hearts and I will share much more of it very soon.

God weaves things in such outlandish ways. Maybe He does this just so we can't take any of the credit. He has been drawing us ever closer toward mission work in Guatemala or Honduras.

Today I write to make you aware of a political situation in Honduras and to ask for your prayers. Please read this Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Obama vs. Honduran Democracy: the Obama administration uses brass knuckles to support Latin American thugs to find out exactly what our democratic government is doing to press Hondurans into violating their own Constitution and reinstating a dictator who is tight with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

Some of the unspoken victims of such tactics are the most helpless and vulnerable of Honduras, orphans. While governments are flexing their political muscle, short-term mission trips to Honduras have all but ceased due to fears surrounding this instability. Many long-term missionaries (both national and from other countries) in Honduras count on the short-term missionaries from around the world to help them accomplish the work that needs to be done to provide adequate food, shelter and love to children in need.

I grew up believing that America was the 'champion of democracy' for the world. Please pray with me that we aspire to such vision and leave the bullying to dictators. Please join us in prayer for the children of Honduras and the people of Honduras. Please pray for a large conference, Project Honduras that will happen at the end of September.


Oh, thank you! Thank you!
Denise said…
Wow. That article was very eye-opening for me. I know so little about that part of the world. I will pray with you, my friend.
Mrs. Edwards said…
I finally had time to settle down with my paper version of the Journal and read this article. Now I'm writing this comment in total outrage. I'd be even more outraged if I wasn't suffering outrage fatigue. That is, there are so many ways that the Obama administration and Democrats are supporting leftist dictators it makes my head spin. I just read a quote from a Dem. congresswoman from California who basically thinks Castro is an amazing savior to Cuba. It makes me crazy. What happened? When did we quit teaching people about socialism, totalitarianism, and (on the flip side) the moral goodness of freedom? American exceptionalism is apparently a dead idea.

That being said, my dad always reminds me that the government needs the Church; the Church doesn't need the government. Church with a capital "C", meaning the body of Christ. It is so frustrating to see wicked, human governments failing so miserably their people, but in some ways the more wicked ones are just easier to spot. Perhaps the sooner we really understand that no human government can succeed, the more we will truly be dependent on Christ. (I'm giving myself a little pep talk here!)

It is exciting to hear snatches and hints of your coming ministry.
Laura said…
Your father's wisdom is so true... the government needs the Church, not vice versa. And yet, I see the Church, as a whole, blinded and sleeping. Of course, pockets of Christ's light shine and many, many folks are awake. Outside of those pockets, fear dominates many and quenches the Spirit's call.

OK... so much for a coherent response. Instead, just a few sentences of random thought at the end of a Mommy's day.

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