Honduras and the Olympics

Soccer is life in Honduras...  children play soccer (or futbol) from the time they are able to walk.   They play in the dusty ground with any type of round object available.

Futbol is in the blood of Hondurans and of each student at IVA.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch the final moments of the Honduras vs. Brazil match in the Olympic semi-finals.    Honduras lost 6-0.    And yet.... this...

This is what I saw on international TV after the Hondurans LOST their match.    I'd say that there is some serious humility here... something beautiful at work in these games of futbol.

Truly, this moment was more touching than thousands of moments of fouls, goals and penalties.  It showed the character of the coaches and players, individuals grateful to God for the opportunity to play on the world stage.

On Saturday, Honduras plays Nigeria for the bronze medal.   This gringa will be cheering on Honduras, proud of the grit and determination of this little country, so often noted only for its violence.

Viva Catrachos!  


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