Surely you have experienced weeks like mine...  one minute celebrating a breakthrough and the very next minute turning around and required to make an excruciating decision.

This morning, I took a run.

The red dirt, entangled with sand from the lagoon, swirled around my feet as I made my way step after step.   My earphones played some beautiful worship music inspiring me to lift my hands in praise to the God of the universe.  

One moment, I am praising God and literally twirling around astounded at the varying colors of blue in the skies of La Mosquitia.   The next moment, over the beautiful praise chorus, I hear the grumbling of a military helicopter taking my friend's son, who is in critical condition, to Tegucigalpa.

Highest of highs and the lowest of lows.    Life really is a series of twists and twirls, isn't it?

We can choose to take the unexpected twirl and dance with our Maker in rhythm or we can simply turn and walk off the stage and end the dance.    God tells us that the dance will ultimately result in our good...  not our wealth, or our 'happiness', but the dance produces His good in us.

A dance of dips and spins, somber and sweet, painful and pure...  with an outcome I cannot see, but yet which promises His good in me.  


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