Mirrors & Windows

In our house, we have two mirrors and quite a few open windows.   Our windows are wood slats that never fully close.    Oddly enough, when I am in Honduras, I rarely look in the mirror and spend a lot of time looking out of the windows.

In our house, the light hides my gray hair, my wrinkles, and every stray eyebrow that might need plucking.   I live without the knowledge that my years are quickly passing.   My body and brain feel 30 most days.

In the US, there are mirrors everywhere and very few open windows.   The minute I begin to head toward the US, I am keenly aware of the ways I need to 'fix' me.    When we left Puerto Lempira last November, one of my missionary friends suggested I go to a salon in La Ceiba to get my hair done before going to the US.  :)   I had no idea what she was talking about until I found a mirror with good lighting.   My hair was 3 different colors...  gray at the roots, darker about 1/3 of the way down and blonde highlights that had grown out that were on the bottom 1/3.   Hmmmm... interesting look, gringa.

In the US, I wear make-up.  I always say that I am going to keep wearing it when I come back to Honduras.  But somewhere around 2 weeks in, I give up and just put on the every-now-and-then mascara and lip gloss.

I wish I could make some deep spiritual analogy here... really, it is just an awareness and possibly a deeper wondering of why.    Probing the interesting and odd is just my happy place, so I share my own with you today and we can ponder together.

I miss writing so much.   So much in my head rattles around and bounces off only me... this cannot be healthy (haha).    I pray for minutes to write and process.


Anonymous said…
Laura, I so understand about the need to write and process. I'll be praying that both of us find and take the time to do so. Blessings to you my friend! -Star
Jen said…
"Oddly enough, when I am in Honduras, I rarely look in the mirror and spend a lot of time looking out of the windows."

Ummm ... PROFOUND and so very very true!!

It's what I love about Honduras ... my abililty to look outward and focus on everyone but me really. Soooo much harder here with all the mirrors and no open windows. Shewwww... good words and ponderings friend.

Now my wheels are spinning. I feel a blog coming on. :)

Love you friend!!

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