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My family and friends in the US are saturated in fear-inducing news... Ebola, ISIS, fears about violent illegal immigrants, virulent strains of influenza, and more.    Saturation impacts the mind's ability to rationally process information.  

As I scroll through Facebook status updates, I see articles and comments about lots of important topics.   The obvious thing to me is the us vs. them mentality that permeates the space.

Thanks to the arrival of new missionaries to help with Reach Out Honduras, my heart has found the space to breathe again after being just too busy for about 10 months.     When I have room to breathe, I can pick up a book and read again.   Or, perhaps, do something that I enjoy that is not ministry related, like write.  

My first new download was Philip Yancey's Vanishing Grace.   I read his book What's So Amazing About Grace? a very long time ago.    That book reminded me of the amazing grace that set me free... and it encouraged me to look at every, single person as an opportunity to share that grace.  

Philip Yancey's style is educated, yet very readable.  He connects with me, a person desperate to 'give an answer' for the faith that lives within me.    He reminds me again that US Christians are missing the boat when we politicize every topic and divide within ourselves.     It is sad to watch this happening from afar.    

And so, I have intentionally decided to focus my thoughts and words on what I stand FOR instead of what I am against.    A thirsty world does not want to hear the divisive messages that we send when we talk only about the wrath of God.    In fact, I wonder if anyone has ever come to Jesus in a heart-changing way by being preached at about God's punishment.    Should we not begin our Gospel message on every occasion with God's grace... and should His grace not be evident in our actions before our words?

There are very, very few things I am truly against.     I am against anything that lowers the intrinsic value that God has placed on individual human beings.... human trafficking, genocide, abuse of children and the like.  

Now, the things I am FOR make a lengthy list...  maybe it is just a matter of semantics to some.  If so, let's rephrase our posts and our comments to reflect the hope we have in Christ.    

"See to it that no one misses out on God's grace..."  Hebrews 12:15


Jorge said…
Hello Laura. I am a Honduran in Honduras. The whole world is saturated with fear through media. But it sounds to me you are a full blooded christian. So, may I remind you Romans 8:15, II Timothy 1:7, I John 4:18 and John 14:27
You are from the small herd, the remnant. You know the whole world will be shaken. But hold your ground in faith. Bendiciones!

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