The Pouring Out

My favorite place to think and pray is driving down the road in my open-aired Yamaha Rhino.   From the very first day I drove 'Ruby the Rhino' around town, I knew that my head and heart could find connection in this spot.

The hum of the engine, the wind blowing my hair in all directions, passing familiar homes, waving at smiling faces.... there is a peace.   His Peace.  

This morning, I found myself alone with Ruby, driving down these muddy-red dirt roads that are home.   My thoughts lately have been oh so jumbled up.    This morning, my heart and head connected and I came home ready to write again.

A few heart/head connections for one Saturday morning:

This life called the Christian walk isn't some easy stroll in the park...   a life lived completely for Christ is one that is "poured out."  

Poured out... pouring out.   What exactly do those words mean?

Our Savior lived a poured-out life.    He was filled by the Father in prayer and He then turned outward and poured Himself out for others.   Ultimately, He was completely poured out on the cross.

My deepest desire is to be more and more like Christ... to be filled daily with God's grace, mercy and love and to be completely poured out at the end of the day doing everything that He places in my path.

In my human flesh, the pouring out can be utterly painful at times.  In other moments, the pouring out is the most beautiful offering I have to give.

There are days when I am half-full, which means that I empty quickly and run on vapor, barely reaching the end of my day and trying to pour from my own reserves.    These days bring mixed moments - moments that reflect Him and other moments that reflect me alone in an unpleasing manner.

There are days when I am completely empty, which means that I, literally, have not one drop to offer another.    These days are full of tears and fist-shaking and that inner voice that tells me "I just cannot do this another moment."

Then, there are precious days that begin by God filling me to the brim through prayer and His Word.   These days are the substance of what it means to be poured out.   Every good drop that He has placed in me is gladly and generously given in a way that reflects only Him.

I sure do love those days.

Sometimes when Ruby and I are navigating these roads together, I wonder if it is all worth it... this pouring out stuff.     Through tears and hurt and smiles and joys, my answer must be yes.   What is the alternative?  

Sure, I could live a life guarding my pitcher and carefully protecting every drop.   And yet, guarded drops eventually evaporate...   I want my drops to water and nourish and encourage.   I don't want those drops to evaporate and be wasted.

Regardless how many moments remain,  I want to be found with an active pitcher, one that is being filled and poured out again and again.


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