Ahem... hello again!

I love this space of the blogosphere, I really do.

Even though this blog is dusty and neglected, I believe the words here represent something special as God faithfully works on me, conforming me to the image of His Son.

When I come over here to write to you, I often have very little to say.   This season is one of quiet and listening.     My heart holds much, but my mouth isn't free to speak it all.  

Instead of writing, I often decide to first read what I last wrote.  Ahem, God speaks aloud to me again.  The same things I wrote about months and months ago are still 'works in progress.'



Celebration for what IS instead of honing in on the one thing that ISN'T.

Bigger things than which student did not have her uniform on today.

Better things than my tired, weary complaining.

IVA is God's baby.   What a privilege and JOY to be able to put our hands to work.  


A few updates:

*Reach Out Honduras is growing.  We have new missionaries on the ground serving alongside our family.  
Our Board of Directors is eager, capable and leading us all toward the future.

*Our family will be in the US in November and December.  We are traveling West to California and East to Alabama.   If you are anywhere in between those destinations, we would love to sit and have a cup of coffee with you and talk about the work.

*We have two more Sundays in December open:  the 21st and 28th.    If your church or Sunday school class would like to visit with us, we are ready!

*IVA students are entering their final quarter of the school year.   Pray for them to finish strong!   The month of September is a time to reflect upon Honduran Independence.    Our students are marching in the September 15 Independence Day parade, along with several other parades throughout the month.  

*Waits kids are growing up... Aidan is 14 and is playing one of the large drums in the band,  Arlee is 11 and is playing a snare drum and is leading up the choreography,  Adam is 8 and wants to just play anything in the band :),  Aaron is 7 and still full of life and doesn't care about the band at all,  Cumi Joy is 2 and is the princess of all things IVA, including the band.     Our family life is very full and sometimes feels the weight of 'starting a school from scratch.'    Please pray with us that our kids are able to see God at work in all areas.  Their childhood is unique in some beautiful ways and challenging at the same time.

*Waits parents are growing up...   thank God!

Love to all...


The Herd said…
Love seeing/reading your post.

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