Sitting Down

I sit in a beautiful kitchen in the warm home of a dear friend, Wendy.   She graciously offered her home to our crazy crew for our month-long visit to the US.   What a gift!

I sit alone because my sweet husband has taken the testosterone-producing offspring to let off some steam. My girl, Arlee, is spending the day with Grandmom Parker.   My baby girl, Cumi Joy, had to stay in Honduras due to political situations beyond our control.    I sit missing her.

I sit with a grateful, grateful heart as I process all that the Lord has done in ministry this year through the hands of so many people.   Most of my moments are spent in sheer disbelief that we are opening the school in 52 days! 

I sit with my belly full of a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

I sit processing the personal hurt this year that left my soul burned.   

I sit feeling the Lord's healing begin to work and refresh the wounded places.

I sit.

I sit anticipating a few days away with Alex to remember the two of us together... where this started.

I sit ready to write again after a season of near silence in this space.

Thankful for comfortable places to sit and old friends to sit with.   It is a month for sitting, listening, remembering, forgiving, loving and preparing.    

Sit with me and celebrate the Lord's mercies.  Wherever you are today, just sit and remember... and be in absolute awe of the way He has worked in all of us in 2013.


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