Coming to the US of A in December

The Waits Family will be visiting the US in December of 2013.    Our trip is shorter this year due to the opening of Instituto Vida Abundante in February of 2014.
While we hope to have a great deal of time with friends and family just hangin’ out, the reality is that this is our chance to tell you about some GREAT kids in La Mosquitia!
This trip, we seek sponsors for the school – Instituto Vida Abundante and for our family’s personal support... two very different things.  It is certainly much more fun to raise money for a school than to talk about our personal needs… and yet, without the personal support, we cannot stay to open the school.
If you have come alongside our family in the past, we thank you for the impact you have made on us, personally.      Your support for our family has made God so much more tangible for our children.   They hear about  your generosity and are not afraid to trust Him with the details of their lives.
Our words this year will be focused on sharing God’s work;  the ways He has made the impossible, possible.   It is all God!    When we think about how far He has brought us, individually and as an organization, it is astounding and humbling.
If you would like to visit with us OR host an event for Reach Out Honduras, email us:  We would love to speak for whatever length of time you have available.

Blessings in Christ,
Alex & Laura Waits


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