A list of good things today:

*Aidan comes home this week from his international adventure.  One. happy. mama. right. here.

*I will travel to La Ceiba to help Aidan with his residency AND to visit with a mentor/friend who has poured her wisdom into us as we prepare to open the school.   She and her husband opened a school in the mountains of a very rural area... we have much in common.   Her willingness to share has saved us precious heartache from learning everything the hard way.   

*Yesterday, Yaneli & Dareli, went home to join their family.   Marvin's expansion is finished and the 7 people are now living in the outdoor kitchen, while 11 live in the concrete Habitat house.   Thankful for friends who reached out to bless this family with mattresses, locks, wood, roofing, and prayers.   We are seeing God's people working on behalf of this family.   

*Arlee's 6 week slumber party with the girls has come to an end.   While she did shed a few tears yesterday, we are all just grateful that they are our neighbors and a sweet friendship has been born.   And, to be honest, I think my girl is grateful to have her treehouse all to herself for a bit.

*We had lots and lots of lobster tail last night for dinner... on the cheap.   Yes, living right off of the Caribbean does have its benefits.   

Be blessed, friends... and be a blessing.


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