Approaching the 3 year mark of me + Honduras

Tuesday marks 3...

3 years of living in La Mosquitia, Honduras.

Somewhere I read that if a missionary makes it 3 years, they should be able to continue long-term.   In other words, some expert said those first 3 years of mission work in a foreign field are tough and many don't make it.

I get that.

I've lived that.

I've wondered if I would make it to 3.

And I've felt myself settling this year in a much different way than before.

I used to count the months until we would return to the US for a visit.  (When I was really homesick, I would count the days.)

I don't count anymore.

Time passes quickly.  The US trips come and go.  The teams come and go.  

I live here now.

And, while I still am in-between, it is an equal in-between and a settled-ness that is welcomed.

On Tuesday, I hope to write something more.   But, as in years past, I want to open up to questions from you, too.   Do you have questions about this life?   If you are curious about anything, send me an e-mail and I will try to answer them on Tuesday.  :)


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