Back and Forth

Most days here in our new house I feel like Caroline Ingalls.   Yes, from Little House on the Prairie.

Our house is wood and my girl has a loft bedroom like Laura & Mary Ingalls.     We use a gas stove and hang laundry to dry on a clothesline.    To create even an ounce of comfort for my family requires some creativity.

Then... I log on Facebook.

Instead of Caroline, I am Suburban Soccer Mom Laura.  I want to be 'in the loop' on cool US things.  I 'like' pics, post pics of my own and try to connect in some way.

This schizophrenia leaves my head spinning at times.

I live between worlds.  I live between roles.   I must care for my brood.  I must communicate well with those who have entrusted us with their donations.   I must make yogurt.   I must blog and show you this side of my world.  

And so, I put my bonnet back on and sign off of this wonderful piece of technology that allows me to 'see' you a little better. :)


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