Back to the Basics

This trip has taught me much about my limitations... being in the US always does such.

First,  I simply cannot navigate well my to-do list, our obligations to Reach Out Honduras and family.   Something always suffers... family.  

In our wildest dreams, we never expected that Reach Out Honduras would resonate with so many people.   We are humble and grateful.   And yet, knowing that we are not Reach Out Honduras, we asked our Board to make some changes and plan for the future of a ministry that is bigger than any one family.  

Second, I must return to the basics... what I know works.    Jesus, Alex, my kids, family, friends and only then, ministry.   My first job is my family and I've been sorely missing as a mama during our US time.   My patience has run thin, my encouragement is too infrequent and my kids and husband miss out because of it.  

Third, blogging may have to take a back seat for a while.  While I love and need to write,  perhaps my motive comes off as less than sincere.   So, I'm going to pull back, work on family and ministry and post here when there is truly something to share;  maybe only once per month.

Thank you for caring, thank you for taking the time to assume the best of me, thank you for friendship and understanding.   


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