Needle, Thread and a Whole Lot of Love







My mom and a few of her sewing friends recently got together to create beautiful little dresses for some of the girls here in Puerto Lempira!   My mom is on the front row above on the left! 


With needle, thread, ribbon, pillowcases and a lot of love, these ladies made over 100 dresses for us.  A few weeks ago, I began to hand these same dresses out to the girls at Mama Tara’s.   They were SO excited about these beautiful dresses… bright colors, lovely ribbon, adornments and a tag inside that says in Spanish that the dresses were made by the ladies at FUMC Plano and given in the love of God.


I was so proud … this time I could say THESE dresses were made by MY MOM and her friends!   Without a doubt, a wonderful day!


Below are a few videos of the girls saying ‘Tinki Pali’ – thank you and God Bless You!   I love them!


And thank you, thank you to the special ladies at FUMC Plano.  We love you!

Cherlin & Talia
Bexcy, Cumi Joy & Vanessa


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