More in Pieces

Piece-by-piece... it is so much easier for me to share with you in these snippets.  My brain gets overwhelmed with all I want to say, and it just simplifies things to share with you in heart-pieces.

  • My mothering has reached a stage where I have one in puberty and one in diapers.   What odd extremes I see.
  • Tomorrow a group comes from North Carolina to work at Mama Tara's.  Adam's best friend from last year is coming back.  It makes me happy that this family has chosen to include their 2 young children in their mission experiences.   Pierson & Maylin will be here tomorrow to serve right alongside their mommy & daddy.   Brave parents;  brave children.  We rejoice!!!
  • I'm processing the 3-day women's conference I went to last weekend.  Most amazing... 100 northamerican missionary women who love Honduras.   All of us, praying for healing for this beautiful country.  All of us, doing our small part from one corner to another of this land.   All of us, aching for heaven, yet striving in this world to do what God has called.   All of us, standing side-by-side, worshiping in English with hands raised to heaven.   For 3-days, we are simply daughters of the King;  able to communicate freely, pray, be still and fellowship with others.   Priceless.
  • God is teaching me fearless trust.   Digging ever deeper as the days go by.
  • Looking so forward to time with family and friends - and a much-anticipated trip to Disney provided by some amazing friends.  
  • Money...  it makes the world go 'round, I suppose.   While I struggled with money;  many don't.  My story should not be taken as an indictment against those who have money.      The love of money, the elevation of money to God-like status, the pursuit of money as a life-quest... this places money in the category of idols.    Most people I know manage their money well, giving it a proper place and lavishly blessing others with their overflow.   And those generous souls are the reason we are here.  My story is about an entirely different matter;  please know that.
  • We have a visa appointment for Cumi Joy in 2 weeks.  Now, to get the one last piece of paper I need from the judge;  easier than it sounds.  He needs some persuasion and we are going to encourage him in our broken Spanish.  
  • My Aaron is heading toward 6 - he is pretending to read, eating me out of house and home and giddy about following Aidan around.   This all makes me very, very happy and proud of him.   When I think of how far this child has come, I just want to shout yeeeeehawww!
  • My Adam is well on his way to 7.  He is growing up so much, following Aidan's example and as he says, "I'm in the Lord's army."   Adam is asking many questions about his adoption;  he is trying to wrap his brain around the stories we have told him about his wonderful foster family and their love of ice cream.   Praying that the pieces make sense and he sees a tapestry woven in Love.  
  • My Arlee is learning all about babies and how to be a mommy.  She is the very best big sister I have ever seen.     Arlee likes to plan out the future and is trying to figure out when Cumi Joy can actually share her loft bedroom.   She's planning for a potty chair and bed on the ground so that Cumi Joy won't have to navigate stairs at night.    Is she really mine?
  • My Aidan is well... no longer a boy.  This man-child of mine is almost as tall as me, able to hold his own in a conversation about why the Protestant Reformation happened, is interested in many things and has an opinion about all.   
Time passes;   children grow up;  work becomes complete;  we approach eternity.   Feeling the anticipation today.


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