So much to tell you... so much that I have to do it in tidbits again, because then I can get it all out!

  • Last week, Cumi Joy received her Honduran passport.  Windows have opened in ways that amaze.  
  • For her to journey with us to Texas, we still need 2 important things:  permission from the judge for international travel and a US VISA.  Please pray with us this week... I'm here in the capital with Cumi Joy and without my family trying desperately to get this done.  I need your prayers!
  • Tomorrow (Monday) I will have a root canal here in Honduras.  Perhaps, I need your prayers for this, too.
  • Tomorrow afternoon, I get to see 2 very special young men, Melchor & Brian Alastero... Reach Out Honduras medical school scholarship recipients.   I am giddy to see them, take them to dinner and introduce them to our newest family member.
  • I am staying at the most awesome mission house:   there is a front-load washer, a dryer, a kitchen with 3 refrigerators, high-speed internet and I really could go on.   Amazed at the goodness of friends!
  • The last 4 days I have spent with 100 US missionary women from across Honduras.    It was just.... well, just beautiful.    Our worship time was one of the most precious things I've ever experienced - 100 ladies loving Jesus with their voices lifting strong and confident.   It felt like I was in heaven around the throne... one day, when every nation, tribe and tongue is represented around the throne, I pray to remember this weekend and all that God shared through dear people.    To worship in English, friends, is such a treasure for me after muddling through Spanish and Miskito services Sunday-to-Sunday.    Sometimes, we just have to worship in our heart language.   Period.
  • My husband is a rock-of-a-man who is at this moment homeschooling 4 out of 5 of our kids, making smoothies and Chinese food, repairing our broken vehicle, dealing with a robbery at our school building, riding his bike miles upon end to continue work projects and helping round up some last minute paperwork for me.   He is my serious hero...  he does not want me to put it in 'Mr. Perfect' terms, because he is the first to admit his faults to me.   But, he is a good man.  Mama Tara calls him an 'hombre recto' - upright man.  Yes, Mama Tara, that he is!
  • My story in under 1000 words was published in the blogosphere.   For every sentence, there is a lifetime of additional words that begged to be shared.  If I had shared more, it might have dishonored someone and or, worse, said too much.    I wonder if my raw presentation will offend you or change what you think of me... all in all, I just hope it shows Jesus.  That is it.

Until tomorrow!


Traci said…
what a beautiful story you have... Can't wait to see you and your family! Pierson is excited to see his "best friend" Adam! :)

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