A Root Canal is Redeemed

Root canal.   Honduras.

Those two things really should not belong in the same sentence.  That is why I put a period in between them.

Seriously though.   Who has endodontics done in a third-world country?

I guess in my desperation, I do.

Genny is our lawyer.  She is also a dentist.   Isn't that an interesting combination of careers and talents.   In one small building is her dental office.  Right next door is her law office.   In the mornings, she is a dentist and afternoons, an attorney.   Some days she switches things up for fun and does attorney work in the morn and dental work in the afternoon.

She was a dentist first.  When I asked her why she wanted to be a lawyer, too, she answered, "because I was bored at the end of the day with nothing to do in the evenings."


Her secretary came over and watched Cumi Joy for the almost 4 hours it took for my root canal.  At times, I was gripping the seat so hard my fingers were numb.  At other times, I was texting Alex about paperwork.

It went just fine.

She did find 2 cavities.  Maybe we do need some fluoride rinse!


Fast forward 2 hours.

Dinner with some of my favorite Miskito young men.

Brian and Melchor are the first 2 college scholarship recipients through Reach Out Honduras.   They are in their first year of medical school.    Today, I felt like a proud Mama.  These boys both lost their Mamas several years ago and thought their dreams to become doctors had come to an end.

Enter some amazing US sponsors and God provided for their dream to begin to take shape.

With Brian's brother, Erick, they met me at the mission house and encircled Cumi Joy and me as we walked to Wendy's for dinner.  They were so protective, walking in front and to the sides of us, making sure no one so much as looked at us wrong.   I was honored by these well-mannered men.

Immediately, they asked if they could volunteer to work with Alex during their break.  Alex is tickled and honored by them, too.

They were absolutely wonderful with Cumi Joy.   How delightful to see her laughing with them!  It gives me hope for La Moskitia, my friends.  God is moving and we get to watch Him in action.

Pray for these young men.  They go to school Monday through Saturday from 7-4, homework each night and church and study on Sunday.   They are driven and curious.

Today, they really wanted to hear about the US election and Hurricane Sandy.   Their views on politics relate almost 100% to treatment of the poor and the alien (immigration).   Their explanations were convicting, but might be called borderline socialism to many.   Hmmmm.   What do you think of that one?   Before you judge, put yourself in their shoes... and consider what time and voice God gives to the poor and the alien in His Word.  

No, I'm not going political on election day.

Go and vote.

It is a right that many do not have.

Be a voice...  and cast your vote using your own mind; don't vote a certain way because FOX or CNN have convinced you that the end of the world is coming if their candidate doesn't win.    


Traci said…
I am glad you root canal went well! Yikes.
How inspiring to here the stories of these guys. I remember the smiles and pride they each carried when they introduced themselves to our group last year and announced their dream was to soon go to medical school. It gives me chills to see this in reality!!! AMAZING!!!

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