Our house is slowly emerging from the soil... concrete posts and beams ready for a wooden house to be built on top.   Every day, Alex awakes before dawn and moves supplies so that work can continue on our house and the school.   Every late afternoon, I get to see what has been accomplished that day.   Transformation.   Something emerging from nothing.

I imagine our Miskito house with my kids able to run up and down the stairs; in, out and around the property.    I imagine being able to hang my clothes out on a screened-in back porch and actually leave them overnight without worrying about thieves.  I imagine my little boys having their own room and my budding teen having a bit of privacy after sharing a tiny room with two energetic circus animals.    I imagine my girls and their loft bedroom.    I imagine the front porch and my hammock where I can sit, stare, sing and saturate myself in the beauty that is this country.

Our current apartment has been a refuge for 2 years;  a place where we can climb the long staircase and enter a bit of quiet to ponder and process the things we encounter on the streets.   It has been a place where our kids have matured and changed;  where we have added another and loved many.   It has been a good place, but a temporary one.

There is some trepidation on my part about this next step.

So many changes.

Three weeks ago, Linda arrived to live permanently at Mama Tara's orphanage.   She is a capable, loving missionary who has invested her future into becoming 'mom' to the kids.   

Our role at Mama Tara's is changing.  I feel a bittersweet mixture of emotion as I hand over responsibilities that I have fully enjoyed for 2 years.    It is time for me to let go a bit and turn my attention to the task ahead - getting Instituto Vida Abundante open!     And so, I turn, trusting that God's timing is right and knowing that my energy has limits.    But, my heart has no love limits and my love for the kids at Mama Tara's will never end.  

In fact, as we work to ensure a safe, quality middle and high school education here,  we are really working for the Mama Tara kids... and for all of the kids they represent.     It is precisely because of our work with Mama Tara's and Familia Alastero that we accepted this challenge from the Lord to start a school.   We have seen and we are now responsible.  

So.... we roll as change approaches.    Transition.   Transformation.

When we give the Lord one area and He pushes us to our limit in that area and we settle in with Him, realizing that we have survived the pruning and begin to bear His fruit ....   it is at precisely that moment that He begins to push us in another area, challenging us to grow even deeper in our love for and trust of Him.  

Praise God for His pushing, pulling, relentless transforming;  His pursuit of our every fiber, His making new, His refusal to leave us mediocre.     Praise Him!


Traci said…
Oh I hope we get to see the start of the new school and your new home! What an amazing journey you guys are on!

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