My husband is unique in our village...  he is the tallest, lightest-skinned man here and wears the coolest hat.  

More than that.

His character is unique.

The way he treats his family is unique.

The way he loves his wife and kids is unique.

This morning, I began a 2-day journey to Ohio to speak at a women's conference.   As I was preparing for this trip, all of my Miskito friends were simply speechless that I could leave all of my children with Alex.   There is simply no frame of reference in the culture, no example, of a man taking care of children.

Alex is a man whose actions speak sometimes louder than his words.

Pray with me that this next week will speak volumes to the men that he interacts with in front of our apartment, the men that work with us on projects, the men that see him driving around town... pray that Alex's willingness to love his family will cause at least one man to say to himself 'So, this is what a man of God looks like... I can do that!'


We Are Family said…
OHIO? WHERE? I'm in Ohio :)
Traci said…
Will be praying. One has to love husbands who are such awesome examples Christ! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

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