The Process

Yes, Cumi Joy's dad's visit did give us substitute family status.   This is like a US foster family.    With this status alone, we can make decisions about her education, health, etc.  We cannot travel, though, without the permission of the her dad.   Luis gave us permission to travel to the US.    This is one step in the process.

For Cumi Joy to go with us in December, we also need to get her a Honduran passport and a US VISA.  The second will be much more difficult than the first.   As you know, the US does not just 'allow' visitors easily from Latin American countries.   Yes, this part does get a little political. 

Adoption of Cumi Joy is our long-term goal.   Every child deserves the security of relationship and family.  In Honduras, adoption is extremely difficult.  It is handled through a government agency.    The process, we've heard takes years.   

Usually, children are placed on a list, not chosen.    According to the judge here, the government agency will have to consider our case a 'favor' in order for us to choose Cumi Joy.   Yes, this part is also a little political.

We are going to take the process step-by-step and trust God to open doors and grant the favor needed.  If I think too long on all of the details required, I get a little crazy.  

I have to just take a deep breath and remind myself that we have done this before... we are up for this challenge and we have a God who hears, listens and cares for those who cannot care for themselves.    

And thankfully, we have plenty to do here in La Mosquitia while we wait.  

Thank you for reading and for asking questions.   It is good to have an avenue to share.    With much love, as always... Laura


The Herd said…
I pray that the Lord surrounds you with a shield of favor with Cumi Joy!

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