A Biological Father's Gift

The words in my head run a streaming tally into the millions;  and then, moments later, nothing.

Such is the last 2 weeks of life.



We spent time thinking that our days with Cumi Joy were numbered.

We visited the judge's office several occasions for scheduled hearings on Cumi Joy's case only to be told that nothing would happen since Cumi Joy's biological dad did not come again.

Alex and Aidan visited an outlying village looking for Cumi's dad only to be told that he was out lobster diving.

We got a call last weekend from Cumi's uncle that her dad was back in from diving but would not make any hearing because he was struggling with his addiction.

We knew that Cumi Joy's case hinged on him and, if he did not come, we would likely have to leave Cumi Joy for 6 weeks while we traveled to the US.

We entertained Cumi Joy's grandmother again and listened patiently as she criticized everything about Cumi and how all would be cured by Miskito medicine.   She asked us if we were planning to sell Cumi Joy if we took her to the US.

We tried not to be hurt or offended.

We all prayed for a future and a hope for this precious child we have come to love as our own.

Arlee awoke Monday morning and told me, "Mommy, I had the sweetest dream.  Cumi Joy's dad came to our house and gave Cumi to us.  It was beautiful."   I just smiled and wondered how my child's heart might break if her sweet dream did not happen.

Not ten minutes later, we opened the door and found Cumi Joy's dad standing on our doorstep, sober and ready to go to the judge to sign Cumi Joy over to us and make us her substitute family.

God answered my little girl's prayer in such a tangible, immediate manner.   I don't know how or why, all I know is that God cares for children and their innocent hearts in ways that astound.   Arlee will never, ever forget the moment she opened the door as found Cumi Joy's dad there waiting.  Tangible evidence of a God she loves and trusts.

We spent the day with Papa Luis and found that Cumi Joy has his eyes.  He told of us his life, his struggles, his successes.  He is a smart man in the grips of an addiction that feels to him as comfortable as an old friend.    He wants to be rid of it...   He told of us his job as a lobster diver and just how it really works out there in the ocean.    He asked about us, our dreams, our faith.   He wanted a Bible.  He basked in the words that we considered him to be a brave, worthy man with God-given purpose.   We assured him that Cumi Joy would be proud of him.    We encouraged him to dig deeper into the things of the Lord.

I watched a man fight for his daughter yesterday.   I watched a man grapple with the reality that his love for his daughter continues even though he does not have the ability or desire to care for her.   I watched a man sacrifice a day's worth of addictive oblivion to guarantee that his girl will be in secure hands. 

I was so moved by it all.


We Are Family said…
Blessed be the Name of the Lord. HE IS FAITHFUL! Amazing.
Traci said…
Wow! God is so good! What a blessing! even if Cumi never knows her bio-father when she grows up You have these stories to share with her. How beautiful. I often wish I knew more about Pierson and Maylin's biological parents.

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