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As long as I'm on the subject of Cumi Joy...

... I'll share a bit more.

The night before we met Cumi Joy, I was watching a segment of the Beth Moore Bible study on the book of James.  I had missed the video that week and was catching up.   As I sat on my bed watching, my mind kept wandering.   I kept telling myself that I wasn't really getting anything out of the video and wondering why I was even watching it when I was so tired and our group was coming from Texas in 2 days.

The video was about how out of our great anguish often comes the sweetest source of joy.   All of the points were about joy.    But, I did not get it.   It just did not apply to me.

The next morning, I was at the House of Hope.   There was a group helping out from Prosper, Texas.   They were caring for a baby with a horrible diaper rash who was premature and had been at the House for a few weeks.     I began asking questions about her and Katrina (my friend and Director of the House of Hope) told me her mom had died and no one had come for her...

Something happened in me.

I hear stories like this all of the time.  People ask us to take babies regularly.   We never expected to raise another baby - an older child, yes... but, a baby, no.

Something was different with this one.

I asked her name.

Cumi Joy.

Cumi because in Miskito, Cumi means 'one and only' and she was her mother's 'one and only' baby.    The gringo group had given her the name Joy.

My heart just leapt and Katrina said, 'Do you want her?'

And we nodded and never looked back.

Anguish to joy.  One great anguish of my life was letting go of Reese,  our very first foster baby girl.      On June 14 of this year, that great anguish morphed to Joy in the surprise gift of a baby girl. 

Beauty from ashes... that is what God brings.


We Are Family said…
WOW WOW WOW! I am LOVING following this story - Loving it!

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