First Steps Toward Family

Friday, we began the process for this little morsel, Cumi Joy, to become a more permanent part of our family.    It feels like we are stepping into the fire a bit.   There is already so much going on right now (Mama Tara is ill and in another city, school classroom building going on, Reach Out Honduras fence starting, our house construction beginning, home school, etc.) that I feel ill-equipped to add one more thing to the list.

And yet, we have this dream of bringing her to the US with us for Christmas and January.  We will be visiting family for Christmas this year because we have missed 2 holidays and it is time to be together to celebrate the birth of Christ.   We also have this pesky thing called fundraising that has to happen every 10-12 months.     So, we go.

Our plan is to be in the US for 6 weeks.  I cannot imagine leaving her here... and yet, the almost impossibility of the paperwork and costs looms large.  We are going to give it our best shot.  If not this year, hopefully next year.     And if she stays, I know she will be in good hand with Morgan.  

Another faith walk for me... this one as real as ever.   I have to trust that God knows best for our family and for Cumi Joy.    He is the father of the fatherless and He loves her even more than we do.   Pray that I can completely trust Him once again with the little one in our care.


We Are Family said…
OH WOW! Praise the Lord!
Pryers coming your way. She is precious! Your daughter looks as if she is walking on sunshine holding her.
Anonymous said…
I came to your blog in a rather roundabout way, but I have enjoyed myself poking around and getting to know some of your story.
I wanted to comment on your July 28 post about your children having this experience in Honduras. I am a Missionary Kid and had the pleasure to grow up in the South Pacific because my parents followed the Lord. From experience I can tell you that some of your kids' most treasured memories will come from this time. We get to do things other kids can only dream of... :-) Yes, there are and will be hard times, tough things that kids should not have to see. But they will develop strength through these things - and as long as they know you love them, and that the Lord loves them and will never leave them, then by His grace the brighter moments will outshine the darker.
Continue walking with the Lord and doing His work, there will be an eternal result, even if you cannot see it now.

(p.s. on another note - the link to the side, under 'Lots More Info' for 'The Clan - Us' doesn't work. Under construction?)
Traci said…
How exciting! I will be praying for a speedy process so that she can go home with you in December!!! God is just doing such awesome stuff through you guys!

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