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In brief:

*Our house is 100% in 'spoiling baby Cumi Joy' mode.  I totally understand why youngest children in larger families are spoiled rotten!  

*We are hunkering down for Tropical Storm Ernesto.  We expect his visit in the next 48 hours or so.   Hurricane season is always a great test of faith.

*The first school classroom is almost done!   See the blog at for pics and more information on this exciting news.

*Mama Tara's fence is well underway.  Thank God for all of the generous donations that are making this a reality.   We have a long way to go and more money to raise, but things are moving forward!

*It was really fun to see our little boys (Adam & Aaron) bouncing along in a trailer behind the Rhino today.   What a reminder that these 2 were 3 and 4 when they entered the mission field!   They have grown up so much!

*Construction on our house will begin soon...I am SO ready to have a breeze and a clean(er) house.

*It is much easier to have a baby in the house now...  the last time we had a baby was 5 years ago and our older kids were 7 & 4 (not all that interested or able to help).  Now, we have a 12 year old and 9 year old who are basically able to care for Cumi Joy just like we do.  8 hands instead of 4... that brings all kinds of easy!

*I missed being in Texas this week as my dad had a medical procedure on his eye.   Sometimes, being far away really stinks. :(

*Many of my friends have b-days in the next 10 days.   Here's a happy b-day to all of you, just in case Ernesto packs a hard punch and we lose internet.

Until next time,


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