Without Walls

Women's ministry was never my calling.  Well, let me rephrase that - teaching in women's ministry was never my calling.   I loved soaking in all of the teaching of my friends Jen and Donna.    I loved sitting side-by-side with my 'home girls' at Pin Oaks digging into God's Word and pouring our hearts out during prayer time.    In other words, I enjoyed 'taking' from women's ministry without ever really offering much in return...  such is the selfishness of someone like me who felt like I did not know enough to share anything.

Children, on the other hand, were my calling.    Not that I was a great babysitter or natural with babies or anything like that... just that as I got older, I was drawn to children without.  I was a Big Sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and still remember the sweetest young lady that I spent afternoons with during law school.   Children's ministry was a natural draw.  Foster parenting ended up being a fit...  missions to orphans and children-at-risk is easy in most ways.

Recently, a surprise presented itself.    But, let me back up.

Y is a friend.  She is in her late 20's and has 2 daughters.  Her youngest daughter is the child of someone in an illegal trade here.  He is mean.    Y wanted to be away from him.

In January, I went to Y's house to pray.   There was an AK-47 hidden in the baby bed and another gun hidden under a mattress.   It was just dangerous.   We prayed over the entire house... walls, windows, beds... calling on the Lord to please make Himself real in Y's life.

I returned from our spring US trip to find out that Y had accepted Christ.   This was exciting and I was thrilled for her, but that is where it ended for me.  

6 weeks ago, Y asked me if she could come to my house on Mondays to study God's Word.   It shocked me, honestly.   As I mentioned, I'm not a teacher of adult women.  I feel completely comfortable teaching my kids and other kids about the God I love.    But women?    Y seemed undeterred.

The first Monday came and she brought the materials she had been studying in her church.   I loved the materials immediately and we began to memorize verses in Spanish for her classes.   She asked me so many questions, testing my Spanish skills.

We decided to visit her church a few Sundays ago.   As we arrived, Y was the greeter!  The church has no walls (as I write that, it seems so symbolic).      We visited again this last Sunday and will possibly make this church our regular place of worship here.    Y sat next to me and, with her youngest in her lap, highlighted every verse, wrote down so many notes and continued peppering me with questions.    Her faith is alive and growing.

As a side note, her ex says he is no longer interested in her because she became a Christian.  He no longer forces himself into her house, no longer guilt-trips her into things.   He does try to tempt her with good food to give up her faith, but she has not given in.  She is standing strong and loving her beans and rice.

This last Monday, we began talking about Acts.   She had never read Acts and was blown away by Pentecost, Paul's conversion, the early church and Paul's missionary journeys.    To see, fresh, through the eyes of someone who has literally never heard all of the stories I have packed in my heart... whew, what a revelation for me!

Here is my point to this entire post (sorry for the long-winded nature of it)...  we don't have to be women's ministry leaders to share what we know with other women.  I don't have to be a theologian to encourage another woman in a real, tangible way.    It is a lovely thing just to share the tidbits I know and the stories of my faith experience with someone else...  one hand ahead reaching toward those who have gone before me and one hand reaching behind to give encouragement to a new believer, a younger sister in the faith.

Ministry without walls.   Mission with fluidity.   Holy Spirit driven moments.   Today, an unknown series of opportunities.

God's way.


Donna Lawson said…
Amen!!! Sister, this one hit me in my heart. I know in my "knower" that you are right. We don't have to have all the answers. Thank God, because none of us do. The most powerful things you can share besides scripture are your story and prayer. While I am here praying specific prayers, God is sometimes sending me an answer and a reminder from Honduras. Now THATS'S a big God. Also, my precious friend, that is Women's Ministry in its purest form. Love to you and prayers for Y. Please let her know that here in the States we've got her. Stand strong.
Holly (me.) said…
How cool to share another's first knowledge of the early church!

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