The Team's Last Day

Wednesday was the final day of Team Texas - Summer 2012.    We knew from the moment we woke up that the morning was going to be awesome... the food distribution was going to happen.  But more importantly, the team was going to be actively involved in praying for families.

I did translate some, but mostly, I wanted to take it all in.   Most of the women we knew at least by first name.   

Take the time to look at each photo, they speak volumes!

 Father & daughter team...  proud to call this family dear friends!!!

Our Pastor and amazing, calm Terry!  And translator, Morgan- who means the world to our family.

One of my favorite pictures of the whole week.    Oneida is pregnant with her 6th child.  2 of her children have died of preventable diseases.    Tyler is headed to UT Austin next fall .  I love how he bends down to hear her needs and then prays for her sweet family.   This young man is an inspiration to us!

Another favorite of mine... this is Josiah - the son of some very special people to us.  He prayed for this lady while Cumi Joy and I translated. (she is just so smart!)    I will keep this picture as a reminder of this young man and how he served our Miskito friends so well.  

Beautiful Ariel - always looking for a place to help.  This is her 3rd trip to visit Puerto Lempira.  God has given her a heart for these people and we cannot wait to see how this plays out in the future!   And Yuki's 2nd trip - he worked SO hard on this team.   We love our friends from Texas!

This is Chris - 14 years old - right there praying for the needs of others.   Wow!

Another of Tyler, because I think this picture speaks of what the entire morning was about - serving with a happy heart.  Look at his smile!   

The team attended Morgan's feeding program Wednesday afternoon. Pastor Phil preached a beautiful message while Morgan translated.   Several kids wanted to know more about Jesus and our friend, Arnie was baptized!  (Follow the link to read about Arnie and how our lives were changed by him).    I have pictures of this, but my internet is not letting me upload any more.

Seedlings emerge from the soil...  Lord, help us water them well.


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