Sunday Afternoon & Evening

Moving along in the doings of the team... hard to believe that it was actually 2 weeks ago that we experienced this beautiful day with the team from Texas.

After church (see previous post) and lunch, the team headed down to the Reach Out Honduras future school land to pray for all aspects of the school... students, teachers, leadership, finances and more.  

I love that some of the neighborhood kids are praying, too.   Perhaps, one day, some of those students will be educated and learn about Jesus in that very spot!

Right after the prayer time, a very special thing took place.   A young girl in the Reach Out Honduras sponsorship program was baptized!    Katyosca is a very special friend to Aidan & Arlee. 

Her sponsors and their 2 girls came with the group and got to spend lots of time with Katyosca.  This is the way we dreamed the program would work.   Sponsors and children connected in real, tangible, life-changing ways.    Katyosca's sponsors are the Maxwell family from Arizona.  

Below is our son, Aidan... our Pastor, Phil Morgan... Katyosca... and Amy, a dear friend on her 5th trip to Puerto Lempira!    These 3 gringos helped Katyosca answer some questions about what it would look like to accept Jesus as her Savior and they ultimately prayed with her.

Katyosca gave her heart to Jesus on Saturday and was baptized by her sponsor on Sunday- with Aidan as the translator.   Praise God!

But the day was NOT over after the baptism!  

Next stop, the Alastero Family!  This family we talk about often on the Reach Out Honduras website.    Orphans taken care of in a large, extended family.   Reach Out Honduras sponsors provide monthly fruits, vegetables and tuition to eager, intelligent students.   There are 2 young men in this family that are currently in medical school on a scholarship through Reach Out Honduras.

Needless to say, we LOVE the Alastero family.    They sang to us, we sang to them... they told us about their dreams and how God has opened doors, we prayed with them.  A tremendous time for all of us.

Below, Brian & Amy and Cindi Alastero. 

A few of the beautiful Alastero young ladies...

The entire family... well, almost.

Just as we were leaving, the sky opened up and unleashed a tremendous rain storm.  Our little Yamaha Rhino would only carry a few people - not dry by any means.    Most of the group walked several miles in a massive rain storm.  

We then 'experienced' Puerto Lempira at its finest... BBQ outside in the dark for most of the group... on a not-so-savory corner.   Our favorite BBQ place moved to a new location which is better for business, but not really gringo-friendly.  

Sunday was my favorite day of the group's visit...  that is until we got to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! :)   


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