Observations as I Approach 2

Some discoveries as I approach the 2-year mark:

  • Geckos make excellent friends - silent, faithful and constant consumers of pesky intruders
  • I get a rather disturbing satisfaction from killing mosquitoes
  • 2 years is not nearly long enough
  • Perhaps, a lifetime is not long enough
  • Dirt is a friendly little thing that sticks all over our bodies and is not easily separated from us, especially when the water coming from our faucet is filled with sand
  • My absence in the lives of some people back home has become a reality that may stick around - grief over the loss of people that were dear to me
  • Adding children does not subtract the love that I have to give to my other kids
  • Love multiplies
  • Love grows
  • Money has lost some of its hold on me - this is nothing short of a miracle
  • 'Some of its hold' means there is still a part of me that doubts that God will provide next week or next month
  • Jesus is my song (thank you, Becky for the following) - "Jesus IS our song, and loving Him and serving Him and the people He places in our lives is where we place melody and lyrics together."  Isn't that beautiful?
  • Chocolate chips are sweet gifts from visitors... as are dehydrated fruits/veggies and baby formula!
  • I pray for a tender heart every day - that I won't grow callous to the needs around me.  It is so easy to judge and much more difficult to extend grace.  I want to be gracious every, single moment!
  • Sometimes when I'm open to the surprises that come from God's hand, there are beautiful gifts awaiting... case in point, the smile of a beautiful baby.

So many more things to list, but this is a start!


Traci said…
Your faith is so inspiring!

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