More rambling about 2 years

Often, my thoughts take me to places that evaluate the lives of our children.    I am certainly eager to know how it will all turn out for them.   Then again, I would miss out on their journey if I knew the outcome.

Our decision to live in another country has serious implications for our children, both good and bad.

There are some experiences my children have that are incredible opportunities.  There are other experiences that are too heavy for young shoulders to have to bear.    Others are exciting;  others, dangerous.    There are experiences my children have that you might hear about and be certain that Alex and I are certifiably loony parents to allow such to permeate the shelter of our lives.   

Some days, my kids are giddy that they have this chance;  some days I know they are lonely.  

Would they be lonely in suburban US?  Or would I be able to entertain them every minute so that they did not have to consider their humanity and the plight of their peers in other nations?   Could I provide enough activity that might assuage the loneliness but eventually bring a serious crisis of purpose?

I'm not trying to justify our decision... there is no justification needed.   Our kids feel that Honduras is a God-given second home.   This is a gift;  they are students of the world and class is in session.

May they appreciate the opportunities.  May they keep their sensitivity and tenderness toward malnutrition, abuse, poverty and despair.     May they have a blast.  May they be incredibly courageous because of the life they've lived.  May they be interested in and intrigued by the lives of others around the globe.  May they be open to God's provision for a mate, regardless of race.    May they continue to see that people's actions (including their own) can either be positive or negative;  life-building or destructive.   May they always be willing to try new things and step outside of any and all comfort zones to explore, learn, seek and be inspired.   May they always understand that 'things' are replaceable, but people are not.  May their hands always be open and ready to share.

 No matter where one chooses to raise a family, there are risks.   There is no perfect place to raise children.   There are no guarantees in child-rearing.   There is no shelter strong enough to keep out the pain of our world.      There is no reason to even seek the perfect, because we will just find ourselves disappointed.

2 years in, I find myself happy for my kids.    They have acclimated and adjusted.  Life is far from perfect here;  but our life here fits us perfectly.  


The Herd said…
I have been reading your blog for the past 2 years ...I don't even remember how I found you, but I found you while we were in Russia. We went for 2 years and were "missionaries" or what we felt---just American Christians living in Russia doing ministry type of work.
Anyways, all that to say, we wondered too about our kids and their experiences, sometimes safety, but all in was great for them to have that experience. I know God takes care of us and our kids way better than we even understand. Be encouraged as you make decisions ---you are following the Lord...and the grace under His umbrella of protection in His will is soooooo much better than out of His will. I remember having problems before Russia, during Russia, and now after continues wherever you go!!! Yes, they would be lonely at times wherever...and if and when you ever live in another country, be it US or somewhere else, they will miss their Miskito friends deeply too! Hang in there Mom of many! You are doing wonderfully!
Traci said…
Your are SO right. There are moments when I feel like my kids would be better off living a 'missionary's' life. Sometimes I just want to jump on a plane with my family and go... anywhere... But for now I just wait for God to call us. Maybe it will always be to continue with the ministry Adam leads here and 'grow up' mission minded teens or maybe we'll move elsewhere. Who knows.. at any rate you and your family are inspiring and I enjoy keeping up with you all here on your blog. :)

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