Hello Palkaka

 On Wednesday of the group's visit, we decided to take them on an adventure to several remote villages.   All of us loaded in the a large boat with a motor and headed out across the lagoon.

Soon we arrived in Palkaka.   Alex and I have never visited Palkaka, but know several families from this village.   One young man who is studying in Copan this year is from Palkaka and our Pastor last year was moved to Palkaka.   We felt like we would love it... and we did!

We set up shop in one of the churches.   The medical members of our team distributed worm medicine.  The rest of us broke up into small groups to visit homes and invite the kids to the church for medicine and LEGOS.

My team got to accompany our Pastor friend.  Here is Josiah giving his own personal ibuprofen to an elderly woman suffering from fever and body pain. 

Alex's group delivered seeds to a family who had a beautiful garden.  Alex was surprised by the family's humble excitement.   

Overall, Palkaka was a wonderful place to visit and we hope to reach out to this community again in the future.

We then went through a mangrove forest and felt like we were literally at the ends of the earth.   We stopped at another village for a bit and then swam in the lagoon. 

All in all, a really great day!

I'm going to finish this series soon!  They only had one more day with us... 


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