2 years later...  here I sit, searching for words to convey my love for this place;  searching for thoughts to paint a word-picture of what living among the poor looks like; searching for a description that fits the myriad ways I change daily.

Today, a conversation with a friend reminded me of so many words I've chewed over in my brain about seeing the face of Jesus on every corner, about living in such close proximity with those that Jesus loved immensely, about seeking  God in ways that I never dreamed I would.

So much of what I write here seems to be the same song played over and over again... perhaps, at times, it is played in a different key.  The same song, though.

  • Seeing and loving the individual person that God puts in front of me
  • Leaving behind my ideas of what a good missionary 'should' look like and just letting God operate
  • Planting seeds of faith and love
  • Running the race with JOY

If you leave here thinking I'm saying the same things over and over... well, I seem to be doing just that.   Until God gives me another song, I need to keep singing this one.

More about the  2 year mark coming in the next few weeks.


Araratacres said…
Happy Anniversary! Gosh, in some ways it does only seem like two years, and in others it seems like much longer. Missing you (now THAT seems like in the much longer category!). hugs, liz

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