Unexpected Joy

One of our favorite sayings here in La Moskitia is "you never know what a day will bring."   It is 100% true, no matter what day of the week it is.   I simply cannot predict or plan what is going to come to my door.

God has relaxed me enormously.  He has given me a very spontaneous close friend, Collette, who is constantly on the look out for the next piece of fun, regardless what is on the calendar.   I am more like Collette than I used to be, but still fairly type-A.

This week, we have some news for you!

In addition to welcoming 20 friends here to serve with us, we welcomed a precious baby girl into our lives and our home.   Her mother passed away recently.  She is 3 months old and 10 lbs.  Today, we met with her father and he wants to visit her as often as he can, but he wants us to 'raise her well.'  

God, may I be up to this task.   I've walked this road of fostering before, and I know that there are always unexpected twists and turns.      

Wonder what God has planned for tomorrow!


Araratacres said…
Picture please? :) I know the family is super excited about this, especially your little mamma. Hugs to you my friend, Liz

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