Starting at the Beginning

Since I haven't a clue as to where to begin telling you about the experiences we had with the team... I'll just start at the beginning.

The team arrived Friday, June 15 around 11 AM.   20 bright and smiling faces... 40 arms ready to hug our family ...  40 eyes tuned into Puerto Lempira and surveying the sites, smells and sounds of our town... 

On our side, there were 6 anxious gringos waiting to find out if this group was ready for all that was planned... there was a fresh, new member of the Waits family wrapped in a sheet aka make-shift baby carrier...  there was an upcoming meeting with baby girl's biological father at the exact time the group was supposed to have orientation...   we became foster parents the day before the group arrived - that just sounds crazy!    But, just look at her!!!

The group made their way down the runway to the House of Hope.  They had traveled many miles to be here and meet some great kids!

After orientation and a bit of rest, we visited Mama Tara's Miskito Orphanage where the team would spend most of its time.    A really cool thing about this group - 11 men came, including our Pastor.   Alex, Aidan, Adam and these 11 worked hard to erect 6 concrete pillars which will serve as the foundation for the fence that will surround the entire property - over 10 acres.  

Because we live in a third-world country, the concrete has to be 'made' by hand.   Gravel, sand, gypsum all mixed by hand.   Hard, hard work!

More to come...


Amy Pratt said…
LOVED this day!!! It was such an amazing day of reunion!!! LOVE Puerto Lempira, love you guys, love the kids, love love love!!!

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