The week dawns...  rises, shines, looms... is born.  Depending upon which adjective you choose, a new week can either be a dreaded or an anticipated arrival.

For me, the week is anticipated.   We have 2 more weeks of school before we finish the year!    We will start back again in July because we take 6-8 weeks off in the middle of the year for our trip to the US. 

Next week, 20 of our friends arrive.   20! 

For one friend, this will be her 5th trip to La Moskitia.  She truly does understand this place.  And a bit of her heart tends to stay here, too.   For others, it will be a second or third trip.  For most, a FIRST trip.

It is always fulfilling to have our friends here.   There is something about having them work beside us that gives us a better perspective.  We get caught in the trees and cannot see the forest.  They see clearly the forest.

Our Pastor is coming again.   Other missionaries have told us how rare this is.   I don't know why we are fortunate in this area.  Maybe he just likes La Moskitia,  maybe he wants to be a voice for these kids, maybe he wants to check if we are taking good care of ourselves, maybe he is drawn to this place like we are.   Whatever reason, we are thankful.

The group will be starting concrete posts for a fence surrounding Mama Tara's orphanage's property.   This fence project is huge and expensive.  But this is step one!    They will also be preparing a room at the orphanage for the missionary that is coming to live in September.    We will have one day of community outreach - going house to house to meet families, deliver hygiene bags and share our hearts for Christ.   This is the day I'm most looking forward to!   Last time we did this, I came away with several new adult friends and lots of little, short friends.

With the group comes a special young man, Josiah.   He will be staying for a month after the group leaves.   We are not sure exactly what our time with Josiah will hold, but we are certain that God is bringing this young man for a purpose.   He has emergency room experience and will work some at the hospital.  He is a hands-on builder, just like his dad and brothers.  He and Alex will no doubt move a few cinder blocks.   And we hope that he can just relax and spend time with the Waits boys and some other young men who just need an example of a godly, wise man of Christ.

We are ironing out the plans for our house and the school.   Lots of concrete!  Lots of wood!   A few fun things added in, like a loft area for 2 of our kids.    A porch where I can hang a hammock.  A garden.  An upstairs view of the lagoon.   Dreaming.

The week dawns, the summer dawns... it is the season of groups in-and-out, the season for building, the season for beginning, the season for dreaming.    


-joy said…
Very Excited about all these miracles that God is working in and through!! The incredible blessings he bestows on His children!

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