Arriving once again at the dawn of June... birthday month.  

It also happens to be my mom & dad's anniversary, which I promptly forgot this year.    So, Happy 49th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!  Congratulations on almost 5 decades of marriage;  something worth celebrating!

Today - Aidan's birthday.   We celebrated all family birthdays back in April when we visited the US.  That was a special time and our kids enjoyed their gifts.

So... how to make the day special here in La Moskitia with limited access to stuff.     Arlee went shopping yesterday and bought a can of Pringles, a pack of gum and some M&Ms.   Arlee, Adam and Aaron wrapped the treasures up and made beautiful b-day cards.

Aidan decided he didn't want a cake, but a cobbler instead.   I think I've gone a little overboard with this.    A good friend dehydrates food for us and I pulled out 2 bags of dehydrated strawberries and added some water.    There was this recipe for cream cheese strawberry cobbler on Pinterest that I decided to modify.

I doubled it. and added mangoes .. but didn't have a bigger pan to put it in.  So right now I sit here as the cream cheese bubbles over and onto my oven producing an odd, charred smell.   Praying for an edible something that is worthy of these ingredients!

Aidan wants club sandwiches for lunch and hot dogs for dinner at the beach by the lagoon.   Easy. 

Right now, he has played video games for probably 2 straight hours with his little brothers.  Other people have done all of his chores for him.   He got to sleep last night under the special fan... all night, until the electricity went out.     Such is the life of the b-day boy.

We will head out to swim here pretty soon and enjoy some hammock time in celebration of a life that has already been well-lived in its first 12 years.

I'm just happy to be along for the ride.   

Aidan is a great kid... budding into a young man with a deep mind and a beautiful heart.    

It is a joy to be his Mama.  


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