More things that I am thankful for... in a deep-gut-level-gratitude-sort-of-way:

*This nebulous concept called church - a body of believers that is larger and more complex than one brick building can hold or define.

*Experiencing church every day on the road in front of my house... where one paralyzed brother needs a tire for his pedaling vehicle and has mangoes to offer.  Another brother has the tools to fix the tire and has some kiddos who really love mangoes.  With or without mangoes, the opportunity to put hands to work is a gift.

*For the recovery of one important piece of paperwork.

*For my need, spiritual and emotional, that is so much more evident here in the midst of the dust and grime.

*For my Jesus...who meets me right here in the grime every time, without fail.

*Alex, who knows, tolerates, gives and gives some more...  to me.

*For a sweet mango that adds a touch of color and a burst of flavor to a salad.

*Dennis - a young man who has adopted me as his 2nd mama;  Di - a young woman who is succeeding where she did not believe she could.

*Life, sweet life... teaching me every day that there is something for me to do as love as I have breath in these lungs.


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