Face pressed to the glass I stand.   Waiting.     Looking in and preparing to wave good-bye to many.    I turn around and peek at my destination with anticipation of sweet reunion on a dirt runway.   

My current destination is Honduras, but I've had heaven on my mind these past few days.   The ultimate destination.    Sweet reunion.    Anticipation.   

My current departure city is Dallas.    Family.   Friends.  Fond memories.

The trip was jam-packed with all of the things I love about my US home.    I leave standing in awe of my friends and the way they navigate big-city living.   They are raising the future and doing such a good job.    From single moms, to disability, to parents in crisis, to packed calendars  ... my friends are heroic.   

And me - I am eager to travel to Copan and visit the kids I dropped off in January.   I want to see their faces for myself, hug their necks and deliver gifts from their sponsors.    I am eager to travel to Puerto Lempira and hug Mama Tara's neck;  to sit on her porch with Lujan in my lap pondering life.   I am eager to check in on the Alastero family and see how our 2 med students are faring and how the sponsored high schoolers have done so far this school year.    I am eager to get back to the routine of home school, Scrabble, computer lab, life.    

Our immediate priority will be building our house.    A wood house on concrete pillars to withstand the rain.   A house with a breeze coming off of the lagoon.    A place where I can finally hang some pictures and make a home.

Simultaneously, we will begin planning for the June team from our home church.    This group will be building posts for Mama Tara's fence and for the Reach Out Honduras fence for the school property.    They will also bring hygiene bags for an outreach and evangelism day to one neighborhood.  

We have several young volunteers that will be in and out over the next few months.   I am eager to encourage them and introduce them to our area.   Who knows what God has planned for their futures!

Hustle.  My friends hustle faster here than I do in Honduras.   And yet, my hustle moves at just the right speed for me.


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