I've Been...

.... doin' a little of this and a lot of that while in the US the past month:

It seems that I've been able to read a little and write a lot.

I've been  relaxing a little and driving my kids around town to play with friends a lot.

A little sleep and a lot of fund-raising.

A little chocolate and a whole lot of coffee.

A little conversation with others and a lot of conversing with myself.

A little Walt Disney planning and a lot of miles driving to Alabama and back.

A little croquet and a lot of dodge ball and X-box.

A little thrift store and a lot of Walmart!

A little spontaneity and a lot of planned stuff on the calendar.

A little bit of missing La Moskitia and a lot of missing Morgan, Grace & Daniel.

A little bit of cooking at home and a lot of eating out.   Yikes!

A little bit of talking in Spanish and a lot of talking Reach Out Honduras.

A little bit of mommying and a lot of homeschool planning.

A little bit of re-materializing myself and a lot of culture shock.

A little bit of nervousness and a whole bunch of appreciation.

It has been a mixed bag of experiences and emotions.    We enter this busy weekend with grateful hearts.  We've seen God's faithfulness in so many ways, even as we doubted.   We've made new friends and renewed old ones.   We've been encouraged and loved on until we feel like we've never been gone.  

A little bit of us and a whole lot of friends and a great big truckload of God's grace.

That's what makes for a great visit to the US.


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