Girls, the Bible and Paint

We officially finished our True Love Waits study.    In my heart, I hope it planted some seeds.

Because of what we started in True Love Waits, we have a foundation to continue with more.   I'm thankful.  

Last Friday, we met together again.    There were two who were noticeably missed... the two who are in Copan.    I've heard through the grapevine that these two are having a terrible time adjusting.   Perhaps, they will return and fill our Bible study with a bit more maturity.  Perhaps, they will dig in there after all and find themselves willing to wait it out a little longer.     Praying intensely for these two.

Back to last Friday.

Art is something that the kids really don't get to practice or do here.  Art really is a luxury;  for someone who has time to think about what it means to be creative.   The kids here are used to copying others, not having original thoughts or drawings.

Last Friday, I decided we would read and discuss Psalm 8 and then get out the paint.    Here is what I observed...   girls everywhere like flowers, rainbows and butterflies.    Girls everywhere love pink.    Girls everywhere want to believe the Story that there is a Father in Heaven who loves them.  

I love to tell The Story.    It will be my theme in Glory.   To tell the Old, Old Story.   Of Jesus and His Love!

 I love that Silicia is looking so intently in her Bible!

 My girl can paint!

 Silicia (front row) looks like she's giving her mad face :)

  Super Student Yosebeth... always reading from the Bible that Charlie & Liz sent!

My little ones joined in, too...


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