Brain Gymnastics

At my home church, the ladies are studying the book of James.   Beth Moore's new Bible study about James is the guide for discussions.    This study will overlap with our US visit.

Last year, during our US visit,  I got to sit in on a few of the studies of David with my old buddies and loved it.  This year, it looks like I'll be able to make only 1 or 2.  Bummer.  

However, I did look at the sample of the James study online and decided I could join these ladies in doing one thing... memorizing the book of James.

Why am I putting this out on the blog?  Perhaps, for a bit of accountability.   My brain is old(er) and full of linguistics at the moment.   However, hiding God's Word in my heart (and brain) is important and the timing is right.

So, I hereby give you permission to ask me about how my efforts at memorizing are going.   And pray for me... this workout for me will be no less taxing than a new exercise program. (which I also need to begin - alas)

And to all of my friends at home who are also committing these beautiful verses to memory - cheers!  Let's do this!


Donna Lawson said…
I can't tell you how much I love this! There are 4 or 5 others who are wading into this challenge. You will love this study! Like last year, assuming our schedules match up, I plan to send these videos back with you for you to use with your girls. I think we will be done before you go home...don't remember the exact timeline. So far, session one had us all in tears and looking to make some peace with our families and session two made us very excited to jump into James! They expect the challenge to memorize James to take at least 5 months. Also, there is a 10 minute video tat teaches you how Beth memorizes scripture you can watch when you get home. I am so looking forward to seeing you guys!
Clay W. Ginn said…
A video tat? Man, these Beth Moore studies ARE intense. Heh.

Laura, I'll ask you about your memorization so long as you ask me about my Bible reading journal.

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