How Does a Green Girl Act?

I've heard about this book for missionary kids called "I Am Green."   (Unfortunately, when I actually looked for it, all I found were environmentally friendly titles)    The premise is this...    the home culture (for us, the USA) is 'Blue' and the new culture (for us, Honduras) is 'Yellow' and  Blue+Yellow = Green... 

This book is aimed at kids, but I certainly feel like I'm approaching Green.    When I was true Blue, I was on-time, organized, scheduled, less-emotional, fixed up, more isolated.    When I am mellow Yellow, I am spontaneous, emotional,  natural (i.e. no make-up and bleach-stained clothes),  and a magnet for stares.

Lately, I'm becoming more Green.   There are days when a girl just needs to dress up and look like a girl again.   There are times when being on-time is respectful, especially in more Blue-Green places.   There are times where it is good to guard tears and anger at injustice (I can't think of any examples right now, but I'm sure there are!)

In 5 weeks, I'll be very Green.   The combo of my beloved USA Blue and my Honduran Yellow will merge into hopefully, a lovely shade of Lime.     It is my hope to take the best of both cultures and be fully present in each one - not wishing my time away on either side of the border.


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