A Friend's New Blog

We love Mama Tara's Orphanage.  It is a place where we feel at home and where we can feel loved and share love.     When we first visited Mama Tara's in November of 2009, the need was evident for house parents.    And yet, we absolutely did not feel God's leading to go in that direction.  

Back then, I didn't understand why.  

We adored the kids, we respected Mama Tara... why not us, Lord?   

Today, I see a bit more clearly how God uses people's gifts in different ways.   Our work here is becoming more clearly defined;  discipleship has become a large part of the work.    I am able to disciple the Mama Tara girls in a weekly Bible study, at church, and as a friend who comes to visit and who loves them deeply.     But, I am not their 'Mama' or their 'House Mama.'   

He did not call us to that task.   But, He did call Linda!

Linda... with a heart the size of Texas.   Linda... with a faith that truly can move mountains.  

Jump on over and see her new blog... Mercy and Grace.    She has beautiful words to share.  Follow her on her journey to join the crazy life that is La Moskitia.


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