The last few days of my life have been chock-full of firsts for me, my friend Abby, and for 17 teenagers from La Moskitia.

First time for me to organize applications for 17 students who are not my own. First time for me to see the combined emotions of fear, nervousness and excitement in the faces of young people. The first time I have ever felt rain through the roof of an airplane in-flight. And so on.

The firsts for the teenagers were much more remarkable.

The first time to board an airplane.

The first time to pack a suitcase.

 The first time to say goodbye to family.

 The first time to see their beautiful La Moskitia from the air.

 The first time to see a real airport.

 The first time to ride on a paved road in a small bus.

 The first time to eat in a restaurant that has electricity and air conditioning.

 The first time to see the interior of their own country.

 The first time to drive up to the school that everyone has been telling them about for 12 months.

 The first time to interview.

 The first time to experience homesickness and hope in the same minute.


 Do you remember the first time you saw an airport, said goodbye when you knew you wouldn't see someone for at least 10 months, the first time you interviewed for something that you wanted, but had no idea how to obtain?

 For most of us, we experience huge firsts throughout our lives, not all crammed together in 48 hours. P

 Memorable days. Beginnings. Hope. Firsts.


Holly (me.) said…
What a privilege to share those moments!

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