Pure - Part 2

Thank you, friends, for your encouragement about the last post on the purity Bible Study.   There is now a large group of people praying for these girls.   I assure you, they are touched by this.   I have shared about you, my praying friends, and their smiles when I mention you are simply priceless.

This week started off an awful lot like last.  It was 11:00 a.m. and I was, once again, disappointed.   There are moments on the mission field when my own self-doubt creeps in and those awful messages enter my brain... 'what are you doing here?'  'what makes you think you can teach girls about purity after your life?'    'there are so many people who are so much better equipped to teach young people'...  And so on.    

And then, I hear a knock at my door.   Smiling, laughing young ladies looking to me.    I'm the one God has given them for this morning.   And in spite of myself, I have to dig deeper and give them what they need ...  some simple encouragement that points to The Encourager from a simple heart that loves them.

I need to explain something to you.    Language.    All of these girls are Miskito and their heart language is Miskito.    Spanish is their second language, just like mine.    We meet in the middle for our study - coming at these topics with the challenge of translation;  mine from English and theirs from Miskito.  It does add another dimension.    

My favorite memory from yesterday was 8 young girls sitting around my table with their Bibles open reading God’s Word and underlining verses.   They had their eyes glued to me as I shared a bit about my life that I haven't had the opportunity to share here yet.    We talked a lot about 'examples' and that Jesus is their example, not me.  

The girls stayed after Bible study for a movie called Magdalena – by the same company who did the Jesus film.   It struck me that they had never seen something as graphic as the crucifixion.  There were tears streaming down faces as Christ was beaten and placed on the cross.   How quickly I forget!    And they rejoiced as Christ rose again... I could understand bits and pieces of their excited Miskito conversation as 'Dawan' (God) came to life.   

Later, 2 of the girls, Yosebeth and Mercy, worked on the Rosetta Stone English in our little computer lab.    Neither had ever seen a mouse before and I had to literally put my hand on theirs to show them how to use it.    A surreal moment. 

For those of you who are praying over these young ladies, I thought I would give you a snapshot in words of each of them: 

First, there is Yosebeth.   She talks the most in the group which is nothing short of God's work in her.  I remember the first time I met Yosebeth in November of 2009.   Shy, painfully so.   Today, she has blossomed.   Through the love of her sponsors, Liz and Charlie, she has dreams.  She is the reason we started this study.   I just know that the Holy Spirit is working in her life. 

OK.. then there is Soraya.   Soraya is the daughter of a mute woman, Kia.   They live at an orphanage with Soraya’s younger brother.    Soraya is 14 and just lovely.  Soraya has been abused by a very trusted person.  She will be going to Copan in January to study at a Christian boarding school.  Currently, Soraya’s mom is in the hospital with appendicitis.  There is no surgeon in Puerto Lempira right now, so she is just hanging on until a surgeon comes next week.  We are very worried about Kia, even though she is one tough lady.

Next, Mercy.  Mercy is also 14 and will be going to Copan to boarding school.   She is a strong young woman who has always been hesitant to talk to me about anything other than the weather.   In the last month, she has opened up a great deal.  Yesterday, she was very interested in hearing about Paul, the first missionary and God-inspired writer of so many of the verses we are learning in our study.   She had answers to every one of my questions. 

Next, Sayda.  She is 13 and recently lost her mother and grandmother in a fire accident.   She is new to the orphanage and is getting made fun of by some of the boys.   This is going to stop, but pray for her heart, it is obviously broken in bits.  Sayda has a beautiful smile and is very, very interested in God’s Word.    She is not quick to give a hug, but I believe that God has special plans for Sayda.   This one is precious to me.  

When I have more time, I’ll sit down and write about the other ones.    Each has her own story.

To my prayer warrior friends in Texas, you keep my eyes focused forward on this task.   I thank you.


Araratacres said…
Laura, do each of the girls in the study have sponsors?

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