There are hats that I've always anticipated wearing into my old age...  the wife hat, the Mommy hat, the daughter hat, the sister hat, the friend hat.  

There are hats that I've worn for seasons and gladly discarded...  the teenage hat, the liberal feminist hat, the law school student hat, the infertility hat.

There are hats that I've worn for seasons and remember with such fondness... the student studying abroad hat,  the new Christian hat,  the book store owner hat,  the foster mommy hat, the produce lady hat and more.

There are current hats that I never dreamed I'd wear... the homeschooling mom hat, the living-without-air conditioning hat, the wrinkly middle-aged hat,   the missionary hat.

There is, however, one hat that I am currently donning that doesn't fit and sometimes I want to hide it in the branches of the Christmas tree and leave it there for next year. :) ...  the fundraising hat.

It is a necessary hat to wear and it is the way that missions has been done for centuries.    And yet, my pride wants to forego this side of our job for the much-more-palatable and fun job of loving children.   

The fundraising hat seems to be a necessary adornment as long as I want to also wear the Missionary-Mama-in-Honduras hat.    

I could keep this hat-o-rama going on for much longer, but I'll spare you anymore hat tricks and leave it with that.


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