Yesterday's post on purity of heart is applicable right there in your world, in every city of the US.    Third-world countries are not the only places where promiscuity has its consequences.  It is our world, riddled with sin.

This blog talks much about Honduras, but most of the lessons I'm learning here apply world-wide.  Most of the things that are so magnified to me here are happening right around your US city, too.

Perhaps, the difference lies in the fact that all sin is easier to hide in the US?   ... so many things to hide behind.


Holly (me.) said…
With a mixed group of young men and young ladies around the kitchen table yesterday, I sat chatting with kids who want to make choices that will create opportunities rather than set limitations. They are confronted with temptation, with cultural norms, and with invitations they ought not accept; yet, thus far, they choose to honor God above the lures common amongst their peers. It's a privilege to be invited into their confidence and lives, and to have the chance to encourage them to stay the course set. There are similarities between our lives despite the differences in circumstance and a thousand miles, dear friend.

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