Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?

Recently, we received a very creative donation.   A friend sent us money ear-marked specifically to extend our food budget so that we could have little friends join us for dinner.     First off, she is smart to know that our food budget is tight.   Food is only getting more expensive here.   Second, she is generous and trusting that we will put the money to its intended use.  Third, she is making a difference.     I can invite without wondering whether we are going to have enough in the budget.  

The kids who come may never get to meet her.  But, they will get to spend a meal 'round our table in hopes that during that time they catch a glimpse of Jesus.

Our own kids know that this money is available and they are regularly mentioning who might be able to join us.

Last Sunday night was the first time we invited friends over.   3 siblings.   Arnie has spent lots of time with us in the past, so eating with us was old hat.  For 2 of his sisters, it was the first time to actually eat at our table at meal time.    

Here are our kids with the 3 sweet faces that rounded out our Sunday evening.   And here's to more meals with friends as we watch how this creative gift serves Christ's purposes.


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